by Injury

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1. 60 MM
2. Home Stretch
3. Red Asphalt
4. Girl Gang
5. The Anti Hero

All songs recorded and mixed at Milk Possum Sound.


released November 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Injury Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Red Asphalt
Here's a tale of death and such
The night we drank just a little too much
Sally lost her pretty face and Audrey died right after she whispered something.

Here's a tale of gruesome death and such
Two counts of vehicular manslaughter
Crushed cars and heads, broken arms and legs
And I got her last words ingrained in my head.
See you in hell
She said Ill see you in hell
Track Name: Home Stretch
Skating home all alone
Once again Daley got me too stoned
Morbid thoughts and filled with fright
A bad case of paranoia in the night

The woods tonight look so scary
I knew I shouldn't have watched that Gacy documentary
My board in my hand and Im ready to swing it
Now Im passing by the graveyard. guess I got to wing it.

Its alright, Im just high
Theres no need to be questioning existence
Painted curbs will keep me calm
Skate with wrath and enjoy the nights final hill bomb.
Im on the home stretch.
Track Name: Girl Gang
The girl gang
Crimson lips, eye gougers and mascara
Patsy Cline's and violent Scar O'harra's
Killer dames that conjured south of heaven
Now Connie has a Ak-47 on her way

To where the boy's are
Where the boy's are
Driving in their cars to where the boys are

Crying if they want to, hate is pure
At your wake with brand new manicures
Receive more than an arrow in your back
The one's who killed the leader of the pack.

Hate, hate
The girl gang's getting off.
Hate, hate
The girl gang's cummin'.